"A la poursuite de l’invisible" - The pursuit of the invisible

This production employs an audiovisual experience which  places the spectator in an intimate atmosphere.  By replacing the invisible with a visible object, the resulting disturbance of the intimate relationship which the photographer cultivates with the model is a means to the photography being perceived as an act in itself and not for the image which it creates. 

Photographic art is as much an art of relationship as of image. It is also an art of fiction. How then is the photographer able to establish a link with the subject whilst at the same time confronting reality with fiction? 

The object itself is in the form of a chest measuring 24cm in height by 21.5cm and 19.5cm at its base. It is made of wood, covered in imitation black leather and fitted with metal handles. Inside the chest is a small hand-made booklet comprising several series of polaroid 600 photographic images (108mm x 88mm) and a digital dictaphone containing a recording of duration 34.25 minutes. In the recording, I speak of the relationship which I maintain with my models, my own reflections on photographic art and my comments on the writings of others which accompany my own work. The camera and the dictaphone are in this manner a means of establishing contact with the other person.

My use of the dictaphone enables me to break the ice whilst describing the objectives of my work. I decided to record myself as a means of explaining my work method and my experience with others.

I should like the audio aspect of my production to be considered as a story which I narate or as witness to the musings which traverse reality and fiction during the photographic process.

My own work borrows from the aestheticism of erotic or advertising photography. I photograph my female friends - or, more precisely - I place them on a stage and transpose them into a world which I project for them. The interaction between reality and fiction approaches fantasy and the imaginary representation of the female body. The scenarios come together as the shots are taken.  In a world where the " I " is the start of a rapport with " the other " , photography is a way of projecting oneself as well as seeing and speaking of the other. The relationship created with the model is the basis of my work and of my creativity.

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