"Conditionnement" - Conditioning

Society imposes aesthetic norms which condition the body to reflect a certain image. This results in the elimination of an individual's identity in favour of that of the collective created to conform to established codes and different social groups.

The media and advertising companies' primary objective is impalpable envy , creating permanent longings (objects of consumption, a silhouette of one's dreams; the concept of one's body as a sexual and attractive object etc). Sexuality, the female and male forms are "objects" used to create desires rarely achieved. The individual is subjected to varying degrees of frustration linked to a failure to appease those desires.

This series of photographs illustrates this conditionning and frustration in the face of objects of desire, sexual castration symbolised by the insatiable desires of everyday life which are controlled by a consumer society. Bodies languishing in a cold atmosphere impart an industrial image of a dehumanised place.

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